Visit the State House

The Kansas Legislature begins meeting the second Monday in January and generally ends around early May. During that time, legislators vote on bills, attend committee meetings, and meet with constituents. To visit Brandon, call his cell phone at (316) 290-9447 to find a good time. There are other opportunities at the State House that Brandon will be happy to help you with:

The Kansas Legislative Internship Program:

Any student who is enrolled in a secondary or post-secondary education institution and will be earning credit for their learning experience or is making academic progress in their educational course of study is eligible to apply. No specific major is required, but strong oral and written communication skills, and a basic understanding of government and the legislative process, are helpful. See the website for more details:

Page for a Day:

Legislators regularly sponsor Kansas students to serve as pages in the State Capitol during the legislative session. This experience is both educational and rewarding as students assist legislators with daily tasks and observe the legislative process firsthand. Students must be in high school or junior high and are required to be 12 years of age or older. More information is available here:

Testify Before a Committee:

Lawmakers rely on both the professional expertise and personal feedback of Kansans to become more educated about complicated issues. Though all contact with constituents is valuable to legislators, the committee forum is the best place add your voice to the legislative process. Some of the most meaningful legislative action comes while a bill is in committee, which is why public involvement is so important. To learn more about testifying at a committee hearing, contact the committee secretary, whose information you can find here: